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Why SEO not Just PPC?

Have you ever wondered, “Why should I invest in search engine optimization, and not just do pay-per-click?” This is one of the most common questions that digital marketers get from prospective clients, and the answer could not be more simple! First of all, pay-per-click does not help your web presence become more powerful, it is a temporary solution.

Search Engine Optimization slowly builds your website into a digital asset that is valuable and long-term, but most importantly, the sheer difference in the amount of leads you can receive from Search Engine Optimization is an overwhelming advantage that cannot be ignored. Here is a simple example, let’s say that 1,000 people per month type the keywords, “Dallas Roofer “into Google. There will be 7 pay-per-click advertisers, all fighting to receive 10 to 15% of that! Yes, that’s right, all the combined pay-per-click advertisers combined, only receive 10 to 50% of the leads. So all seven advertisers will get 1/7 of 100 to 150 leads. That’s not enough to grow your business, is it?

On the other hand, the top organic result non PPC will receive over 40%. Would you rather have 10 leads per month, or 400? The math and the answer are both simple! Contact us today, to get Google leads coming your way!




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