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Use Lead Magnets with Your Email Marketing Service Part 2 of 2

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Making an Effective Lead Magnet

There is only one thing that makes a lead magnet truly magnetic, and that is relevance. The email’s content should solve a specific problem of the recipient, and this can start with the content of the page where the email address was entered.

Content must be delivered with authority and filled with a generous serving of expert tips and tricks.

To craft an effective lead magnet, four key elements are required:

1. Specificity 

Prospects are easily captivated by lead magnets that promise to deliver specific results. For example, if they want to know the benefits of a professional website to a small business, an email course entitled, “25 Scenarios that Boost Your Small Business Profits Through a Website” will surely attract more attention than the one whose title goes, “How to Improve Your Small Business with a Website.” 

2. Reward

Everyone is looking to do things or apply learned lessons quickly. Unfortunately, with some email courses, the reward must come in trickles. When content is too long and needs to be delivered in segments, the first one should offer gratification. If this is not emphasized enough, the effort may fail.

3. Command

A lead magnet is usually a starting point that ends in the marketing funnel. Content must be delivered with authority and filled with a generous serving of expert tips and tricks.

4. Unique Benefit

Finally, whether the content comes with or without a fee, it should be so uniquely valuable that people would be willing to spend on it when given an offer. The keyword is “uniquely.” What the lead magnet offers must not be offered elsewhere, or it will lose its appeal.

Without a doubt, lead magnets are one of the best things that happened to e-marketing. As long the needs of consumers are well-understood and the lead magnet is crafted around relevance and real, perceptible value, it has no reason not to perform within or even beyond expectations. Of course, as with any other marketing effort, consistency and commitment are key.

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